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As an ON Running commercial featuring top-class athletes, this advertisement is all about showcasing the brand’s commitment to high-performance gear. The commercial is visually stunning, with beautiful imagery and fast-paced editing that captures the energy and speed of the athletes. One of the standout elements of the commercial is the typography animation, which was crafted by me as part of the production team. The typography is straightforward and clear, which makes it easy for viewers to understand the message being conveyed. The animations are integrated seamlessly into the footage of the athletes, adding to the fast-paced, energetic feel of the commercial. This is a testament to the skill and talent that everybody brought to the project, and the teamwork helped to make the commercial a success. Overall, this ON Running commercial is a prime example of how effective advertising can be when it combines high-quality visuals, fast-paced editing, and clear typography. It’s sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.


Featuring pro Athletes: Camille Deligny & Mau Mendez

Produced by Seaside Productions
Producer: Christoph Renschler & Hannes Höhn (Atropos)
PA: Lucrezia Gavazzi
Director: Lars Timmermann
DOP: Kaspar Hornikel
1 AC: Leo Sikstel
Edit: David Gesslbauer
Music & Sounddesign: German Wahnsinn // Philipp Feit
Motion Design: Fabio Arnold
Grading: Diego La Rosa
Client: Feliciano Robayna
Creative: Carlos Furnari
Trainer: Nicolas Minetto
Additional Voice over: Francisco Gonzalez


  • ON Running


  • Animation
  • Typography

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