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Raphael Lechner – photographer, designer, artist or just creative. You can call him many things, but I call him a long time friend of mine.
We know each other since the starting of our professional design careers at Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich, Germany.
He specialized in photography which you can see in his high quality personal projects over the last few years.
I was happy to be part of his projects and support him with animations, making of’s and motion designs.
At last, I was able to help him with some animations for is fresh released photo book called „NEON“
Below you can see some animations which I created for his Instagram channel. We created them to make the transition more understandable between his previous project „Monochrome“ to „NEON“




Making The Book: NEON

(Directors Cut by Raphael Lechner)

The O.S.T. which you heard in all the videos was especially produced for the NEON project by the talented MEKNZM


  • Raphael Lechner


  • Concept
  • Animation
  • Sound Design