FIFA eClub World Cup

promotional teaser

The promotional teaser for the FIFA eClub World Cup is a dynamic and engaging video that showcases the excitement and intensity of the world’s top FIFA players competing for the championship. The video draws on footage from previous competitions, capturing the players’ passionate reactions and impressive skills on the virtual pitch. One of the standout features of the video is the creative use of lines drawn on the scenes, which gives the footage a bold and graphic feel. This technique, along with the expertly animated team logos and typography, adds to the overall energy and vibrancy of the video, making it a visually compelling experience. The teaser is an effective promotion for the FIFA eClub World Cup, as it conveys the drama and skill that will be on display during the tournament. It successfully captures the attention of FIFA fans and potential viewers alike, enticing them to tune in to see the world’s best FIFA players battle it out for the championship in Milan, Italy.




  • FIFA


  • Editing
  • Animation
  • Typography

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