Short Film Title Sequence


“Snuff” is a dark horror short film created by Neo M Studios.
The film explores the disturbing and macabre world of a snuff film ring, where individuals are captured and murdered on camera for the twisted pleasure of the film’s audience. The title sequence, which I was responsible for creating, sets the tone for the film with its eerie and unsettling visuals. The title sequence features a combination of live-action footage and graphic design elements, such as distorted imagery and text animation. The use of bold, contrasting colors and jagged typography reflects the disturbing nature of the film’s subject matter, while the use of visual effects such as glitch and distortion, creates an unsettling and uneasy feeling. Overall, the title sequence serves to establish the film’s mood and sets the stage for the disturbing events to come.


Production Company
NeoM Studios

In cooperation with
Kino Berlino

Moritz Neumayr, Felix Gorbach

Marijan Gomboc, Moritz Neumayr

Title Design
Fabio Arnold


  • Neo M Studios


  • Animation
  • Typography
  • Logo Design
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Sounddesign

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