Fabio Arnold

Motion / Designer, Editor, Creative.

Selected Projects

My Story

Once upon a time a young creative was born an raised near Munich, Germany.
Green nature, immediate vicinity to the city and intercultural exchange formed both mind and talent. One day, clearly, he has to become what he finally became: a Motion Designer
All the collected media, catchy commercial jingles, movie quotes and tons of TV Series knowledge finally made sense. Since without that job, where he could weigh all of this and put it to good use, his head would probably explode.
Always attracted to motion pictures  and audio visual media,
the young boy born as a native creative has grown to a smart man, level 26.
Over the years he got to know new items, new software and new inspiration. His strong will and his inner peace let improve his skills constantly.
But he never stopped striving for more. Running, jumping, partly flying from challenge to challenge he only gets better. Straighter. Uniquer. And now he is ready for the final round.
Let’s combine the know-how, the intuition and the fun to hunt the next big boss together: